An example goods was “I keep altering my personal brain in the my intimate positioning

Sensation-Seeking to

The 3-items experience-trying to subscale of one’s Impulsivity and Experience Trying to Level (Harden & Tucker-Drob, 2011) was applied to evaluate the latest participants’ experience-trying to feature. A sample product was “Lives with no threat involved might be also terrifically boring to possess me personally.” What exactly were rated on the an excellent 5-area Likert level, in which 1 = Firmly Disagree and you may 5 = Firmly Agree. Brand new Cronbach’s alphas were 0.81/0.80. The new composite size ranged from one to help you 5, in which a bigger amount meant a stronger sensation-seeking to attribute.

Homosexual Label Misunderstandings

The three-items identity misunderstandings subscale of your own Lesbian and you can Gay Title Level (Mohr & Fassinger, 2000) was utilized to evaluate the participants’ gay label. ” The items have been rated on an effective 5-section Likert scale, where step 1 = Firmly Differ and you will 5 = Firmly Consent. The latest Cronbach’s alphas was 0.87/0.82. New mixture size ranged from one so you can 5, where a much bigger number suggested an even more puzzled label.

Muscularity Most readily useful

Exclusive measure including four affairs was designed to determine the newest participants’ impression away from muscularity better in the homosexual people. These products was generated off an excellent pilot interview investigation that have 18 MSM located in Taiwan. The five things were: “Everybody in the gay people would like to become muscle,” “Glamorous guys regarding gay neighborhood are muscle guys,” “Gay guys need to show off the physique,” “That have a muscular body is the development throughout the gay community,” and you will “With a muscular body is important in the brand new homosexual neighborhood.” These products was in fact ranked into an effective 5-area Likert level, in which 1 = Highly Disagree and 5 = Highly Concur. The newest Cronbach’s alphas was in fact 0.81/0.78. Brand new mixture size varied in one to 5, in which a more impressive amount designed healthier muscularity ideal for the MSM area.

Regularity off Searching Sexts

A section of the Sexting Decisions and you may Objectives Survey (Del Rey mais aussi al., 2021) was utilized to measure how frequently the players obtained sexts into the the very last 3 months. Its answers was indeed step 1 = Never, 2 = Below monthly, step 3 = Monthly, cuatro = Each week, and you will 5 = Each day. The brand new approaches to the newest associated factors had been averaged to make an list. Half a dozen factors analyzed finding sexts, together with researching sms, video, and you may photos out-of lovers, individuals who the participants fancied, and you will family. The new Cronbach’s alphas had been 0.87/0.84. The variety of brand new ingredient scale are anywhere between step 1 and you can 5, in which a bigger matter indicated researching sexts more often.

Control Variables

So you’re able to make up the potential determine of age and you may relationship standing (Bianchi ainsi que al., 2021; Currin & Hubach, 2017; Van Ouytsel ainsi que al., 2021), this study integrated these circumstances given that manage variables. A beneficial quadratic identity is made for age to recapture any possible curvilinear perception. This study regulated into quantity of bodily sexual products (along with anal sex, oral intercourse, and common genital stimulation) that members got proficient in the very last 3 months. Finally, this research plus controlled for social network explore. Having fun with one product for every single social network, this study requested the participants for their log-into frequencies to possess homosexual relationships apps (age.grams., Grindr, Jack’d), popular matchmaking applications (e.g., Tinder), Instagram, and you will Fb. This new responses varied off 0 = Not to ever 6 = Each day.


This research falls under a much bigger research project to your the means to access social network and matchmaking applications one of 18–34-year-dated MSM from inside the Eastern Asia in COVID-19 pandemic. This new survey was initially created in English right after which translated with the Chinese. An in the past-interpretation process is actually observed so as that the original English definition is actually hired (McGorry, 2000). The information included in this research was in fact collected of Hong kong and you may Taiwan within the . The fresh new survey took 15–20 minute to do. The participants had been paid with HKD120 (doing USD15) from inside the Hong kong or TWD200 (as much as USD7) during the Taiwan. The study is authorized by the Questionnaire and Behavioral Look Ethics Board on earliest author’s institute.

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