Thread: Guidance (PVP): Continue Raids, PVP titles, destroy chat texts, PVP Brackets etc.?

Recommendations (PVP): Keep Raids, PVP headings, kill cam texts, PVP Supports an such like.?

Yoshi P. stated that he previously played Ebony Age of Camelot many years ago and you may enjoyed new PVP. (this has one of the better PVP options available to choose from).

Remain RAID Chart I Also would like to see Keep Raids in FFXIV. ple a PVP battle MAP of DAOC, where you can see 3 different towers which can be destroyed or captured. and in the middle of the map there is a keep which can be captured as well. The NPC Lord of that keep has to be defeated in order to receive it.

They reminds myself of your own modern “A realm Reborn PVP Concept Ways” from Latest Fantasy XIV which showed a huge center continue hence is being assaulted by two various other groups that with catapults an such like:

To guarantee no more waiting queues, Carteneau shouldnt end up being split up into an other group during the duty finder. Additionally would be to really works instance a good “PVP Roulette Form”.

In the Last Dream XIV you can started to more headings from the ranking up at the grand business. which you are able to pick right here:

Thread: Pointers (PVP): Remain Raids, PVP titles, destroy talk messages, PVP Brackets an such like.?

Eliminate Talk Messages What else i think is quiet nice that you can see who gets killed by which player, from which faction he was and where your faction member got killed at (in Cartenau it could be something like ” Tidus got killed in Helidrome by Kimahri ” : (this is just a stretched chat window here)

An individual of the faction becomes murdered you receive an email in the competition chat such as for instance ” Tidus are killed at the markets by Affect Lionheart ” or ” alman tanД±Еџma uygulamasД± Quichy Sturmbruch try killed during the Heliodrome by Wakaba Lungberg “

Just like the earliest message is eco-friendly coloured together with 2nd are colored during the red-colored it indicates of which faction the player is which murdered the newest member of your faction. Destroy texts are only proven to your an individual of faction died. When the nobody are in it and he passed away because of dropping off a mountain the content is simply something like “Tidues passed away within Helidrome” So if you are included in the brand new Iternal Flame you might simply come across kill texts when somone of Ul’dah becomes murdered.

In addition, it can present you with a clue there have to end up being of many limsa participants within Helidrome, whenever there are enough yellow kill messages.

a tiny conclusion exactly what i’d like to find: – pvp Rank headings – eliminate messages inside race chat (XY try killed because of the . ) regarding colour of new faction – let you know term out-of directed enemy member inside the cam diary

as to why i believe these alter could be cool? It will be a great way to create productive PVP participants reduced private and therefore far more “famous”. from inside the DAOC there had been members which completely stood over to the rest, recognized for are educated and risky pvp professionals.

it can be anybody you want to as much as. 2nd it tools a great tactical ability to help you pvp, especially towards this type of kill texts. When you are not able to get a hold of where this type of players was in person receive you can have an idea in which he’s if of several someone rating murdered.

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That perception while using flare while the a good blm and you will step 3 ppl passes away and you can there’d end up being a text regarding chatlog stating “Triple Kill” () 11-22-2014 PM #cuatro

hui about anyone XD it seems like the new FFXIV people appears not too looking for pvp (lame^) greatest improve 1000. focus on from coil rather than trying somethin else

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