S.-customized parts) 9 = Wind generator Motor Parts (1970-1975)

Little finger #3-Auto Line:

A beneficial = Ford (from 1958; Galaxie, Customized, LTD) B = Bronco (1970-1973) B = Maverick (1975-1977) B = Fairmont (1978-1983) C = Remanufactured Bits (1966-1975) C = Ford Professional (1975-1976) C = Mercury Capri (of 1979) D = Falcon (1960-1969) D = Maverick (1970-1974) D = Granada (1975-1982) D = Ford LTD (off 1983) Elizabeth = Ford Vehicle (Taxi More than System; 1970-1973) Elizabeth = Pinto (1976-1980) E = Companion (regarding 1981) F = International otherwise TransAm Racing F = Exterior Conversion (regarding 1962) G = Mercury Comet (1961-1967) G = Mercury Montego (1968-1976) Grams = Ford EXP (out of 1982) H = Holman Cranky HiPo Parts (until 1966) H = Big Truck (1966-1982) H = Average Heavy Vehicle (away from 1983) J = Industrial Motors K = Edsel (1958-1960) L = Lincoln (1958-1960) L = Continental Mark Show (out of 1969) M = Mercury Letter = Tractor O = Fairlane O = Torino (1969-1976) O = LTD II (1977-1979) O = LN7 (1982-1983) P = Autolite (1967-1972; Motorcraft off 1973) R = Rotunda Brand (1962-1969) Roentgen = Ford away from European countries Imports (out of 1970) S = Thunderbird (out-of 1958) T = Every Vehicle Traces (1958-1965) T = Light Average Truck/Bronco (1974-1982) T = Light Truck/Bronco (off 1983) You = Econoline (1961-?) V = Lincoln (1961-1981) W = Cougar (1967-1973) W = Bobcat (1975-1980) W = Lynx (from 1981) X = Autos (1970-1973) Y = Meteor (Canadian) Y = Mercury Bobcat (1975-1980) Y = Mercury Lynx (regarding 1981) Z = Mustang step one = (perhaps not utilized) 2 = Pinto (1971-1975) 3 = Speed (out of 1984) 4 = Comet (1971-197cuatro) 4 = Monarch (1975-1980) 4 = Cougar (1981-1982) cuatro = Marquis (away from 1983) 5 = Leisure Auto (1974-1975) 5 = Continental (out of 1982) six = Pantera (19eight1-19eight5) eight = Courier Vehicle (1971-1975) 7 = Ranger and you may Bronco II (of 1983) 8 = Capri (1972-1975; U.

Finger #4-Engineering Place of work Guilty of Original Build:

A good = White Truck Systems Section B = Human body and you may Electric Equipment Division C = Body Engineering (Powertrain and you may Body Device Engineering) D = To another country Product Systems Elizabeth = System Systems F = Electricity and you can Electronic devices Department (Equipment Systems Workplace) Grams = (perhaps not put) H = Climate Manage Section (regarding 1972) (Unit Technologies Office) I = (not put) J = Autolite/Ford Pieces and you ¿Cuál es la famosa aplicación de citas para parejas coreanas? may Solution Office (Parts and you may Service Technology Workplace) K = (maybe not used) L = Industrial Engine Operations (Ford Bits and you will Service Section) Meters = Show Operations and you will Special Car Procedures (SVO) (boasts Holman Cranky) N = Ford Tractor Businesses (Equipment Engineering Place of work and you will Varied Factors Surgery) O = (not put) P = Automatic Indication and Shaft Systems Q = (maybe not made use of) Roentgen = Guide Sign and you will Axle Technologies S = Light and you can Heavy Vehicle Technology/Vehicle Unique Purchase Parts T = Heavy Vehicle Engineering You = Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) V = Auto Unique Purchase and you can Technologies Area W = Transmission, Axle, and you will Driveshaft Engineering X = Emissions, Cost savings and you can Special Auto Systems (powerful bits) Y = Lincoln/Mercury Office Provider Bits Z = Ford Office Service Parts

DIGITS #5-9-Very first Area Number:

So it series of numerals signify the genuine area breakdown, i.age., controls construction, relay set-up, etcetera. It’s possible a letter or one or two can also arrive in this the latest a number of numerals. Might region amount is still an equivalent, however, if the fresh new alphabetical characters is actually overlooked.

DIGITS #10-12 (SUFFIX)-Structure Changes:

Generally an enthusiastic alphabetical page, with the unique design becoming designated because of the letter “A”. A first upgrade on new framework create normally be noted having an effective “B”, even when often this thumb refers to an entirely some other part, as the very first part is similar. As an instance, other system displacements and styles. Pieces completed in some other color will be acknowledged by their suffix numbers too. For instance, new Artificial Themed Steel Controls Discusses for a good 1969 Ford Thunderbird bring the essential area number C9SZ-1130D, followed by -26B to have Brittany Blue color, 13D to have Candyapple Red color, etcetera.

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